Way Back Wednesday: MTV VJ Kennedy Is Back With a Memoir

The Kennedy Chronicles

The Kennedy Chronicles

During the 1990s Lisa Kennedy Montgomery was one MTV VJ who was hard to miss. Known on air as simply “Kennedy”—using her middle name as a stage name years before Aubrey Drake Graham became a best-selling rapper doing the same—the kooky VJ’s signature look of big glasses, big curly hair and oversized pajamas made her stand out from the other personalities on the music channel. In appearance Kennedy was a cross between the Princess Diaries’ Mia Thermopolis and musician Lisa Loeb, only far edgier than Thermopolis and far kookier than the earnest Loeb. The fact that she’d do anything to get a laugh and seemed perfectly at ease interviewing the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, Bjork, Weezer and other 90s music sensations hid the fact that in reality Kennedy was much more conservative than her on-air image would suggest.

In her new memoir the Kennedy Chronicles, the former VJ confesses that she was both a Republican and a virgin during the height of her popularity on a network that prided itself on pushing the envelope. Nearly 15 years after she left MTV, Kennedy is a married mother of two with sleek, straight hair. While her curls may be gone, Kennedy still seems kooky as ever. She recently spoke with NBC News and “OMG! Insider” about her new book, which critics admit is filled with dirt on former MTV personalities such as Tabitha Soren, Bill Bellamy and Jon Stewart but describe as ultimately too “superficial” to be a definitive account of MTV in the ’90s.

“The studio was such a communal den of jackassery,” Kennedy told NBC about her time on the cable network. “We were a bunch of twentysomethings just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick, lighting things on fire.”

If you can’t remember just how obnoxious Kennedy could be, NBC News unearthed a YouTube clip of Kennedy hosting the defunct show “Alternative Nation” as it celebrated the release of the classic film “The Crow.” Check it out below:

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