Way Back Wednesday Roundup: Prince Covers Shania, New Backstreet Boys Album, “Daria” Trailer

ImagePrince Does Shania

I was so excited about this week’s installment of Way Back Wednesday because on Tuesday news broke that Dan Chamberlain had unearthed an old recording of Prince covering Shania Twain’s ’90s classic “You’re Still the One.”  Being Prince and all, the artist naturally changed the spelling of the song to “Ur Still the 1”—a reflection of the text message speak he’s eerily been fond of since before text messaging even existed.

While the Internet remains abuzz about this Prince cover featuring Marva King, it appears the recording has been pulled from the World Wide Web. I’ve visited website after website offering the track up only to get an error message when I click the “play” button. I thought nothing died on online, but if someone has the power to disappear a song from the Internet, it would surely be Prince. In case the track magically resurfaces, visit here, here and here for a chance to listen to this virtual memento of ’90s music.

Return of The Backstreet Boys

If you loved boy bands during the ’90s, you’ll be glad to know that the Backstreet Boys are back with a new album that dropped Tuesday. Named In a World Like This, the album was “made for soccer albums,” Backstreet’s Brian Littrell told MTV. Really? Does that make anyone actually want to check it out?

A “Daria” Reunion?

If you’re not already in the know, a faux trailer has emerged for a live action film of the old MTV cartoon “Daria.” I missed this news last week as I covered another MTV personality from yesteryear, the veejay Kennedy, who’s penned a memoir about her years on the music network. Anyway, in the mock  “Daria” trailer, “Parks & Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza plays a convincingly sardonic Daria returning to Lawndale for her 10th high school reunion. I say “mock” trailer because there is no feature-length “Daria” film actually in the works, but this clip from CollegeHumor gives you an idea of what Daria, Jane Lane and Quinn would be like in real life—10 years later.

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