Five Classic Films to Watch This Halloween

"The Birds" film poster

“The Birds” film poster

“The Birds” (1963)

Tippi Hedren bears a striking resemblance to Paris Hilton in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” The likeness is fitting for 21st century viewers of the classic since Hedren plays a California socialite whose shenanigans routinely make the headlines. But when Melanie Daniels (Hedren) meets a handsome stranger (Rod Taylor) and follows him to a small town where birds launch an attack on residents, she gets taken down a notch or three. Based on real news reports of bird attacks, this film will make your skin crawl long after the credits roll. You’ll never look at a group of birds in the same way.

The film received two special effects Oscar nods, and Hedren won a Golden Globe for most promising newcomer for “The Birds.” Poised to be a big name after the film, Hedren’s star never rose like her daughter Melanie Griffith’s did. This turn of events has been blamed on Hitchcock allegedly stalling Hedren’s career after the actress rejected his romantic advances. Next “Wait Until Dark.”

2 thoughts on “Five Classic Films to Watch This Halloween

  1. Now, “Wait Until Dark” is the kind of movie this scaredy-cat husband can rally around! I vote for Audrey Hepburn this Halloween… Thanks for turning me onto “Les Diaboliques;” I’m excited to check it out.

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