How Much Money Is More Than Enough?

Photo by 401(K) 2013/

Photo by 401(K) 2013/

How much money do Americans need to have more than enough to go around? The answer might surprise you, especially if you remember how conservatives blew a gasket last year when President Obama announced plans to raise taxes on anyone earning more than $250,000 yearly. Obama labeled these people as “haves.” Republicans said these people were “have nots,” paupers really, until they made, say, $500,000 a year. As it turns out, Americans require just $180,000 to have more than enough to live comfortably, a Gallup poll has found.

Gallup surveyed roughly 22,000 Americans about their financial background during the first half of this year. Fifty-one percent of survey respondents who earn at least $180,000 yearly said they have more than enough cash to live how they want. Moreover, a whopping 87 percent of people in this income bracket said they earn enough money to buy the things they need. Asked if they earn enough money to make a major purchase such as a car or an emergency home repair, 74 percent of people in this group answered affirmatively. Continue reading

Could You Give Up Shopping for a Year?


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If you’re a clotheshorse, summer marks a time that’s filled with temptation. Nearly all of the major retailers hold major sales this season. To boot, it’s almost impossible to turn on your television or surf the Web without hearing something about summer fashion trends.

Retailers would have you believe that if you don’t plop down some cash and consume these styles at once, you’ll have to hand in your fashion credentials. I mean, if you’re still rocking last year’s neon hues while everyone else is draped in mint green, what will people say? Will the fashion police turn up?

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